G a r d e n L i v e P r o j e c t N e u r o n e S a n d p i t


This project develops innovative and experimental collaborations between eight University of Sheffield researchers and three established artists to engage with cities and urbanism.

It is on focused on Furnace Park, an area of reclaimed land in Sheffield that has been leased to the University as a space to develop links between art, cities and multi-disciplinary research. Furnace Park is due to open in March 2013, Sandpit will be one of the associated projects.

Sandpit is focused on generating ideas via an online collaboration between researchers and artists that will take place throughout February. All participants will be encouraged to contribute on a daily basis.

Friday 26 Jul 2013
250720131018 Stitch
Furnace park cleared

Some photos of the cleared site, taken on my cycle ride home from work on 25th July 2013. Looking at it in this cleared state, it seemed very bare, almost a different place to where we researchers spent many happy … Read

Plants in flower at Furnace Park 1 July 2013
Flowers & meal plans

Furnace Park meal plans It caught my attention that we are to dress specially to prepare  a meal at Furnace Park later in the year (we will discuss these plans proposed by the artists this afternoon). I’d like to get … Read

Saturday 15 Jun 2013
CD re-discovered at Furnace Park
The Tracks of My Tears (II)

I somehow lost the original post as I tried to add some time-lapse photos (oops!), so I’m posting the bits I remember again, with the photos comparing views in Feb and May added. So the CD, re-discovered at Furnace Park, … Read

Tuesday 28 May 2013
Sea, sand and whole variety of surfaces

Just returned from a week long holiday in Anglesey. We set off on Saturday 18th May the day after our afternoon tea at furnace park, therefore that has been at the forefront of my mind whilst away. Whilst away we … Read

Monday 20 May 2013
Furnace Park – Crucible Project Artist Researcher meeting 17th May 2013

Below are some photos of our scheduled visit to Furnace Park (thanks to Ivan for access and for providing chairs), where we had a picnic, some lovely soup, scones with jam and cream, cherry cake and plenty of tea! We … Read

Monday 29 Apr 2013
Subsurface and surface structures

When I saw these tree roots at Yorkshire Sculpture Park at the weekend, I was reminded of the description of the GPR survey (see the post A service) to provide a visual representation of the subsurface “…tree roots and vegetation … Read

Thursday 18 Apr 2013
Looking in

It is clear that Furnace Park finds itself located between divergent communities of practice.  As a project, Sandpit is bringing new meanings to the area, as the arrival of artists, professionals and researchers form a deliberately constructed community of practice … Read

Friday 12 Apr 2013
Wasteland Twinning Nottingham

Here’s an interesting project (via Alasdair) from Wasteland Twinning Nottingham: “The event is a re-enactment of an image from the unrealised Hopkins Masterplan for the Eastside area of Nottingham. It depicts a crowd of people moving through and using a … Read

A service

I *believe* there is no need to do this. But I thought the Sandpit may be interested in commissioning it for their own purposes:   “Morning Amanda. Happy to meet again when required. Just let me know where/when. Basically, a uses radio … Read

Thursday 4 Apr 2013
manor tram
Experiential knowledge

I met with Bob in her studio, shared a cup of tea after an almost 360 degree view from the roof of her studio.  Our chats covered: – Experiential knowledge and knowing as a personal transformation (the differences between knowing … Read