G a r d e n L i v e P r o j e c t N e u r o n e S a n d p i t


Neurone is the first installation to be sited at Furnace Park. An interactive canopy providing a space for investigation and interaction; a focal point for presentations, lectures and talks. Part science demonstration, part art translation, part community project. Designed and built with Sheffield in mind, Neurone will sense the location and the activity of people, playfully interacting with the audience below. For talks, Neurone will transform into an ethereal glow to highlight speakers

Neurone in Furnace Park

      Neurone on site in Furnace Park.  Using code written by school children to sense sound, colour, air quality, movement and temperature. What is code? It’s everywhere around us, even if we don’t realise. The alarm clock that … Read

Come and see Nate Adams’ Neurone installation being lit for the first time in its natural environment, Furnace Park, at 7pm on Friday evening. After the light-up, we’ll be heading to one of Kelham Island’s finest hostelries for some local … Read

Blog November 17, 2013

What makes a Neurone

Neurone is in construction.  It started in September when we signed off on the final design, where I sent Ivan and Katya a dream in SketchUp, and they produced a design which took into account weather, cabling and transport.  Dom … Read

This is a circuit to detect and change colour depending on the ambient temperature

The Neurone Cube consists of a 25 cm cube made from acrylic (I bought this trial cube online), with 1 metre of RGB Led tape (many suppliers and style avaliable online) affixed to the rear of the tube.  It is … Read

Blog August 4, 2013

Neurone Cube

The new design is up and running. An RGB LED strip with associated circuits interface with an Arduino, while there is a second breadboard where device sensors and components can be placed.

Neurone in Furnace Park

  Budgets, planning permission on Furnace Park and changing scopes of the project required reconsideration of many aspects of the original canopy design.  Neurone is meant to change and grow as new machines are built to sense and respond.  Hardware … Read

Flickr screen shot

The Neurone has some new homes on the web.  We have moved into Github and Flickr. At the conclusion of each workshop, all code created for The Neurone will be collated by the team and posted at the following Github … Read

Blog June 17, 2013

Piloting Neurone

If the Neurone is to sense anything and everything in Furnace Park, we want to give school students the full spectrum of sensors available to them.  The hope is they will produce a device which is able to detect a … Read

neurone worksheet png

Amazing – we are beta testing out workshops and code with students.  As we are cracking out the arduino lunch box kits, here is a first workshop for making an individual Neurone – download Neurone Workshop.  This Neurone reacts to an … Read

Blog June 2, 2013

Neurone workshops

Neurone is a widening participation project, and we have purchased a set of lunchbox arudino kits to use with GCSE and A-Level students as an introduction to electronics and code. These kits contain a bunch of sensors; detecting temperature and movement as … Read

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