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We’ve just added this year’s first community event (I know, it’s nearly September – more on what we’re up to in another post…) It promises to be a great send off to the Summer Break, is open to all, and operating … Read

Last night the 18th- and 19th-Century Garden Project undertook its first public engagement workshop, hosting an interactive and educational workshop for a local group of ‘Woodcraft’ children. The workshop – which was designed to introduce the eighteenth century and stress the medicinal … Read

Blog May 20, 2014


  Guest blog post from Nigel Cavanagh, PhD Student in History. I recently picked up a pamphlet for Furnace Park and was intrigued by the project. Twenty years ago I used to drive past the Doncaster Street cementation furnace on … Read

The growing season continues and we have our first seedlngs planted on furnace park, more peas with an interesting variety called asparagus peas. These have a gourmet flavour akin to asparagus and I am looking forward to trying this new edible … Read

‘This week, as we enter the month of May, Adam J Smith consults an eighteenth-century ‘Gardener’s Calendar’ to see what we should be doing in the garden.’ As April draws to a close it follows that the keen gardener will … Read

Blog April 10, 2014

Late Garden Update

A little later than planned but some of the latest pictures of the garden as it progresses. From first to last we have the new bed, third of four ready to be placed and filled when required. This will be … Read

Neurone in Furnace Park

      Neurone on site in Furnace Park.  Using code written by school children to sense sound, colour, air quality, movement and temperature. What is code? It’s everywhere around us, even if we don’t realise. The alarm clock that … Read

Come and see Nate Adams’ Neurone installation being lit for the first time in its natural environment, Furnace Park, at 7pm on Friday evening. After the light-up, we’ll be heading to one of Kelham Island’s finest hostelries for some local … Read

The beds are nearing completion, and we want to make sure that we have lots of lovely plants to fill them with when we get there. We would like to ask for your help in sowing and growing plants to … Read

The Garden in Furnace Park continues well. Recently the seeds sown in the second bed have sprung up after germinating over the winter period with broad beans and barley companion planted in a mixed crop to demonstrate traditional farming systems. … Read

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